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I'm Gary Clarke. I live in North Yorkshire, one of the most beautiful areas of rural England, with my wife Kris. Our home lies in an area sandwiched between the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors with the Lake District only a couple of hours drive away, so I'm spoilt for choice with camera in hand.

After retiring relatively early in 2008 my intention was to devote more time to my long-term interest of photography. But what started as a hobby has since developed into a 'second career’. Living so close to these National Parks means I spend a lot of time involved in landscape photography. Now even busy than ever as a 'search and rescue' member of the  Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team (with a fair bit of Team photography thrown in). 

But this website also includes my other work - photographing historic motorsport events in the UK and Europe. Some of this work is for drivers, owners and car clubs; with my work now being published in classic car magazines (with media accreditation). 

Thanks for visiting my website - take a look around and let me know what you think! 

Please contact me via: email

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